My mom and I absolutely love what we do when it comes to setting up parties and picnics. After we finish a new set up we almost always say, “This is our favorite set up that we’ve ever done!” and then after the next set up we say, “Oh no, now THIS is our favorite set up that we’ve ever done!” Then we normally end up laughing about the fact that we can NEVER pick a long term favorite. We take so much pride in every detail that each and every set up becomes our new favorite one. So as you can imagine…the milk and cookies set up was definitely a favorite.

Soon after we launched the business we started thinking about Christmas set ups. This is when the “socially distanced Santa” idea was born. 2020 has been a weird year and Santas won’t be nearly as available as they have been in years past. We wanted to create an opportunity for kids to have pictures with Santa, but also remain socially distant. We partnered with a local photographer and created a milk and cookies picnic. This set up includes milk, cookies, decor, pillows, and the rocking chair that Santa will sit in. We are so excited to host multiple families for photos using our set up in a few weeks!


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